• Logging

    Adhearsion includes a comprehensive logging system, powered by the Logging gem, where every class has a logger of its own, and every object may have a logger if it implements #logger_name. This makes for highly context-aware logging, and the possibility of easy application-specific logging.

    Writing to the log

    In order to write to the log (eg at INFO level), simply do the following:

    logger.info "This will be printed at INFO level."

    The default available log levels are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL.

    Send logs elsewhere

    By default, the logs are output to log/adhearsion.log and stdout.

    Change the log file location

    You may change the location of the log file by altering the config.platform.logging.outputters config setting, like so:

    ADHEARSION_PLATFORM_LOGGING_OUTPUTTERS=/var/log/adhearsion.log ahn start -

    Log to syslog

    See the logging gem.

    Send logs by email

    See the logging gem.

    Change the log format

    See the logging gem.

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