Professional Support for Adhearsion Applications

Get the support you need, when you need it, to enable your real-time communications applications

Adhearsion Support is offered by the team at Mojo Lingo, the same people who actively maintain and extend the Adhearsion Project. These professionals work with voice application technology all day every day - and can help speed up your development efforts or resolve vexing application issues. Learn more about support options available for your Adhearsion application.

  • Per-Incident

    $1250 / case
  • Issues Acknowledged within 2 Business Days
  • Phone & Remote Support
  • 1 Support Case
  • Advisory Hours
  • No long-term support
  • Purchase
  • Monthly Support

    $1875 / month
  • Issues Acknowledged within 1 Business Day
  • Phone & Remote Support
  • 3 Support Cases / month
  • 2 Advisory Hours / month
  • 3 Month Agreement
  • Purchase

Support Features

Quick Acknowledgement

Get a fast acknowledgement, within 1 or 2 business days, to all reported issues. While we can't promise to resolve them in that time, you will know that your issue is being worked and will receive at least daily communication until resolved.

Support Case Management

Get priority attention on reported bugs, whether in the Adhearsion framework tself or in your own application code. Some limitations apply: Cases are only for bugs found in Adhearsion itself or your application code. Support cases may not be used for feature requests or enhancements and unused cases do not carry forward from month to month.

Live support by phone or SSH

With an open support case, Adhearsion developers will be able to speak directly with you by phone or VoIP while troubleshooting your reported issues. If you can provide remote access to your servers via SSH, our team will even be able to log in and look directly at your application in its own environment.

Advisory Hours

Need some guidance on best practices for application design? Have a chat with an Adhearsion developer to discuss your concerns and discover the best way to make your applications performant, secure, and scaleable.


To purchase a support plan, please email or call +1.404.475.4841. Services are provided by Mojo Lingo LLC.

Need something different? Want to sponsor a new Adhearsion feature or need custom application development services? Looking for more hands-on or even on-site training? No problem! Contact us and we will work with you to create an engagement that suits your unique needs.