Voice Application Development Made Easy

Adhearsion is the first fully-featured, open source framework for voice application development. In the age of the social web, what technology is more social than voice? Adhearsion empowers your code to handle and route inbound and outbound telephone, VoIP calls and instant messages easily and automatically.

Adhearsion is a new way to write voice-enabled applications. It is not just another API or library; it is a fully-featured framework, the first of its kind in its domain, designed for maximal code reuse and intuitiveness. The name "Adhearsion" is a combination of "adhesion" and "hear" because Adhearsion shines best when gluing the voice layer to the rest of the world.

Adhearsion uses the expressive and flexible Ruby programming language, making code written in Adhearsion easily readable and eminently understandable. Adhearsion takes away the effort and minutae of managing the telephone network, letting you focus instead on your business logic and the problem at hand. The Adhearsion team places great emphasis in creating a quality framework, maintaining comprehensive regression tests to ensure your applications will behave predictably from release to release.

We take open-source software seriously. The telecom industry, above all, needs fresh, innovative talent. We believe Adhearsion is the right tool to foster that talent. This is one of the final unconquered frontiers for open-source to truly make a transformative impact. Now is an exciting time to be a part of it.

Many peoples' faces light up the first time they run code which makes the cell phone in their pocket ring. Whether you're a veteran telephony engineer or a web developer wanting a new experiment to do over the weekend, we think Adhearsion is enough of a departure from classical telephony to tickle your fancy.


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